Q. What does vehicle delivery date mean? 
A. When you make a deposit today, you will get the estimated car delivery date. Upon receiving your order, your vehicle will be delivered to you between 30 to 40 days. Depending on the season, the earliest possible is about 20 days. 
Please use this date as a rough guide for your car's delivery date. 

Q. It is possible to specify the car delivery date? 
A. Yes, it is possible. Please contact us before placing your order. 

Q. Is it possible to specify the car delivery location? 
A. Yes, it is possible. We will give you a quote. Please contact us before making an order. 

Q. What is the condition of a used car which has been converted from left-hand drive to right-hand drive? 
A. Before delivering a car, our full-time technicians will not only perform a series of inspection that covers hundreds of items within the car but also do a test run of about 600 km. 
Only used cars that have passed the inspection process for all items will be delivered. As the handle conversion will be conducted based on Japan's inspection standards, you can definitely buy with confidence. 

* With the exception of Japanese cars (Porsche, BMW, Benz), we only handle right-hand drive cars. 

Q. Do you have stock for all the used cars that are being displayed? 
A. As we also have cars in stock at our shop, there is also the possibility that the car might have been sold out already. 
In that case, the operator will check the inventory status for cars of same type that are within the same price range and offer you an alternative. For most of our customers, more than 98% of them had been able to purchase the car of their choice.